3 tips for losing weight leading up to Christmas.

A client asked me today “Ben what 3 tips would you give someone to help lose weight in the lead up to Christmas?”

I took a moment and paused…

I replied “Great question! Give me until the end of the day and I’ll send it out to everyone”

So here they are…

  1. Track your calories. By tracking how much is going in, it becomes easier to know how many caloires extra you need to burn to lose weight. A great FREE app is MyFitnessPal. Don’t forget to add in the mince pies and mulled wine!

2). Move more each day. This doesn’t necessarily mean a HIIT workout every day but instead just simply increase your step count. This will help to burn the additional calories that we all tend to consume over the festive period. If you average 5k steps per day anyway, why not increase that to 10k steps?

3) Don’t break your fitness routine. A lot of people take holiday from work over Christmas. This doesn’t mean you need to take a rest from your training too. In fact, you should have more time on your hands to exercise… you’re off work after all. Push for new personal bests, add more sets, try new things and stay motivated throughout!

If you need more help with any of this just holla at your boy.

Keep smashing it!

Ben x