Achieve your fitness goals.

We all have times in our lives when we’re not achieving our goals to their full potential. We tend to get stuck in a cycle of either doing the same thing with exercise and nutrition or just taking far too long a break, resulting in weight gain and what I call the ‘Fed up syndrome’.

Sound familiar? Tell me about it! Don’t worry, everyone experiences this from time to time. 

My advice in this situation is to reevaluate your training programme and diet plan. Things need to change up all the time to 1) Keep you interested and not get bored. 2) Breakthrough plateaus so that you keep losing weight or gaining muscle (depending on your goals) and 3) Experience what else is available other than the bloody treadmill!! Who wants to stare at a wall for 45 mins – 1 hour and pay for the privilege? Not me.

So, to sum up. Change your routine to something you’ve never tried before. If you’ve never tried HIIT, give it a go, if you’ve always used a treadmill, then go outside and run, and take in the beauty that we live in. Try healthy food that you haven’t before… you might like it 😉

If you want me to create you a new programme and diet plan and have daily check-ins with me, then join my online training and I can help you achieve your goals and prevent this from happening again.

After all, the Fed up syndrome ain’t no fun for anyone!

Have a great week guys!

Ben x