Bad habits

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This post is about bad habits with regards to training and nutrition. Here are a couple of common bad habits individuals tend to keep doing without realising.


1) Missing meals – A common bad habit for people trying to lose weight is missing meals. You’d think that by missing a meal or having huge gaps between eating you’re doing the right thing therefore will lose weight. Wrong! Your body needs fuel to work efficiently and also burn calories. By having small meals regularly with correct snacks, the body utilises the food and burns it off. When having large gaps between meals, when you finally do eat (usually a large carb-filled meal) you’re starving and the body will then store what it cannot burn.


2) Rushed Reps – You may think by lifting the biggest weight down the gym you will become the biggest lad/lass. Wrong! If you’re lifting say 100kg at a speed of half a second concentric, and half a second eccentric you’re likely to be using more momentum to push the weight. Rushing a set means the time under tension for the muscle is less, therefore the muscles are not contracting for as long. It would be more beneficial to lift say 80kg at a speed of 2 seconds both concentric and eccentric. By doing this the muscle is under contraction for a lot longer, you will recruit more muscle fibres and its likely that the range of motion will be increased.


3) Chew your water and drink your food! – Pretty simple quote to follow – If you sip your water slowly and keep it in your mouth for a few seconds to allow it to mix with saliva, it will be absorbed quicker and more easily when swallowed. If you chew your food until it is fully broken down it will be digested more effectively.


Hope this helps.


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