80% of your body transformation & fitness results is dependant on nutritional requirements – therefore, the first factor we will need to consider in order for you to reach your goals is how to adjust your diet accordingly.

Losing fat isn’t achieved by slogging away on cross trainers for hours, nor is it about starving yourself!

My fat loss programmes are written specifically for each client depending on their situation and goals. Each client is given a structured programme to follow which includes training and diet. I will push you through every exercise session to ensure you maximise your results. 

Initially this will include a food diary analysis, advice on carbohydrates, proteins and fats & the effects they have on your body – helping you to understand all about nutrient timing, ways to increase the metabolism and providing you with a detailed food plan for you to follow.

Personal training is as individual as you are! After an initial consultation where I identify what motivates you, your likes, dislikes and ultimately what you are looking to achieve, your fitness programme will be designed specifically for you. I will combine different methods and styles of training to suit you, enabling you to feel comfortable and most importantly, enjoy our sessions as well as the rewards they will bring.

When booking training sessions your diet analysis, diet advice and nutrition plans are included in the price. 


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