Best running trainers of 2022

In this article I will discuss the best running trainers of 2022.

Ever wondered why you keep getting shin splints?

Do you continually roll your ankle when on a run?

Are your knees sore during or after a 5k?


It could all be down to your running trainers.

Choosing the best trainers for running isn’t just about what looks cool while you’re hitting your personal best!

Although it does help 😉

The shoe must fit the foot correctly.

This will depend on whether you have a broad or narrow foot.

It is also dependant on the type of terrain you usually run on, the duration and type of run you prefer and also your gate (how you run/walk).

Below is a list of the best running trainers of 2022

1) Asics

My first recommendation is the Asics range. Asics have been one of the leading brands in running trainers for donkeys years. Light weight, well engineered, stylish and affordable. The Asics shoe will not disappoint.

2) Adidas Ultraboost 22

My personal favourite… I own 3 pairs of these. They look great, are one of the lightest trainers on the market and super comfy. Note – Ultraboost trainers tend to fit pretty snug like socks, so don’t buy too large.

3) Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% 2

A strange looking trainer but don’t let this fool you. These bad boys boast some fantastic technology and are super well engineered. This is why they come in at such a high price. If you’re a serious runner and are happy to spend the money then these trainers won’t let you down.

4) Hoka Mach 5

The new kids on the block! Hocka is a French brand who have only been around since 2009. Their trainers are great for any runner, affordable and stylish.

5) New Balance

A old school brand who’ve made a serious come back in the last few years. New balance running shoes are hip, street and have fantastic support for any terrain. In my opinion, these are a win win for any runner or even to be worn for casual wear.

I hope you enjoyed my review on the best running trainers of 2022.

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