Breaking through plateaus

Struggling to get to the next stage in your training?

Feel like you’re training is consistent and always the same but your body won’t change anymore?

The problem may be in the question…


One way to break through a plateau and personally my first port of call is a week off from training. Take a real break from the gym (but keep the nutrition side of things in play) for at least 7 days. Your body will have time to fully recover and repair the muscle fibres ready for a new routine. When training consistently you should be taking 1 week off every 6-8 weeks.


Another way to do this is to change your program. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a completely new routine every 6-8 weeks but a simple technique of changing the order of your exercises, changing from ascending to descending sets, add in a super set or drop set will be sufficient.


If you feel you’ve tried all of these techniques and still nothing is working for you then try changing your whole program. Example – going from 3 sets of 10 repetitions to 5 sets of 5 reps of a heavy load (strength training)…. or try pyramid sets peaking at 1rm. This is where you perform say 12 reps of a lighter weight, next 6 reps a little heavier and the your 1 rep max and back down to 6 and lastly 12 reps again. Try exercises you’ve never tried before and also include unstable surfaces to exercises you currently do. This is to hit the core muscles more e.g shoulder press on a Bosu ball.


These tips will hopefully help you break through those frustrating plateaus.