Building healthy habits

Today we’re going to talk about building healthy habits.

I thought I’d give you a little insight into an average (working) day for me (during lockdown I must add)

Here goes…

5.30 am alarm. Yep, that’s right, you can’t hustle when you’re asleep! Even on my days off I still don’t sleep in later than 7 am if not 6.30. 

I have my breakfast, usual porridge with cinnamon and fruit. Chuck a cup of personality down my neck and off to my morning clients for 6 am.

I get back home around 10/11 am… time for the second breakfast. Omelette of some sort. 

Here’s where the hustle begins; I create & edit content, send marketing emails, update my blog, create programmes for online my clients, talk to said online clients and then go for my daily workout.

1 pm – I start my Zoom/FaceTime calls with my virtual PT clients. These are generally people who I can’t see face to face as they’re all over the globe. I train clients from India, the USA, Pakistan, Australia and lots more. 

Late lunch – Usually chicken or fish with salad or veg and brown rice… or brisket if I still have any left!

I then go for either a 10k step walk or (if the weather’s nice) skateboard.

Dinner – 5/6 pm

Film on the home cinema – 6.30-8.30

8.30 – 9 pm sleep.


Obviously, there are loads of little things in my day that I’ve left out like showering etc… but I’ve got to have some privacy right? haha.

The point is, that all these things I do are habits. Habits I’ve grafted to create over years. Consistent motivation doesn’t come easily. You need to work at it every day until it becomes the norm.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a day in the life of Ben Coleman Fitness 🙂

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Ben x