Cut After Cancer Entry 13 ( 1 cycle complete)

I’ve now completed one cycle out of 3. I’m 3 weeks down, 5 weeks to go. The next cycle starts Monday. Still no side effects however I feel slightly more tired than usual. My sleeping has got better but I’m not as buzzing as I was before.

Still have a bit of drive for the book – I’ve employed a company to manage my twitter to get me more followers and more of a name for myself. I’ve also employed a photographer to create a timeline of me as I get worse then better again and back onto shape. Things are falling into place.

I had my last top up Monday for the first cycle a met the same girl as I met on day 1. She explained how she hadn’t been home since I saw her. Her story was a real eye opener – she had leukemia when she was 16. Her brain swelled up due to this and that caused to her to have strokes which left her completely blind for 5 months. Through this time she was in isolation in a dark room due to being light sensitive. They told her she would be a vegetable (her words) and probably not even regain sight!! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from this poor girl. She made a full recover with sight back to normal. Now at the age of 20 she has relapsed and got leukemia once again. This time she will be in hospital for 2 months without being allowed out. She had been in isolation since I last saw her due to an infection. Her blood count is now 0 and has been very ill. Poor girl. When I look at how I’m coping I’m so thankful but at the same time feel so much empathy for her. She is so upbeat and positive…the only way to be! I wish her all the best. A true inspiration.

My social life is as good as ever, everyone is being so great. I’ve felt so fine hat I’ve been out to pubs, having a beer. Almost like nothing’s changed. Today I finally viewed my flat that I’ve bought. Its only taken the estate agent 2 months – and they wonder why they have a bad name. It’s Awesome though, balcony, en suite bathroom etc…perfect. I can’t wait to move in.

My hair has just started to fall out. How did I notice?? On the toilet. It was like big foot had been in there. I can pull my hair out all over my body pretty easily. Didn’t actually think it would happen. Thinks its time for a head, back sack and crack!!

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