Exercising to music increases motivation.

Ever wondered why music makes you run faster, lift heavier, jump higher and even rave harder? It’s because exercising to music increases motivation!

Trust me, it works.

Not just any music though…

It’s got to be an absolute TUNNEEE!!!

The music I usually listen to when exercising or training in the gym is house music, heavy rap metal, rock and roll, and even garage (for those of us who grew up in the naughties).

Just for you, Ive added my own Spotify playlists to check out.

So click these links below and start listening to some banging music while you exercise…

You’ll see a huge difference in your motivation.


Speak soon.

Ben x

Here’s my Defected house playlist

Here’s my UK Garage playlist

Here’s my Rock n Roll playlist

And here is something to really get you moving!