Fasting to lose weight. Right or wrong?

Hey guys,

I wanted to shed some light on fasting and its benefits on weight loss.

There’s no real magic that goes on while we fast. It essentially shortens the window of time that we have to consume calories. Therefore, if the goal is a calorie deficit, then fasting (not eating) until 12pm each day can really help people to stick to their calorie target.

The 2 issues I find with fasting are;

  1. Personally I get hangry! I need to eat at regular intervals throughout the day to mantain a good mood. If being hungry doesn’t affect you in this way, then fasting could be great for you to lose weight.
  2. I tend to overeat once the fasting period is over, to comensate for the hunger pangs. I’m so hungry that i’ll eat twice as much. This then can potentially put me in a caloire surplus which will in turn make me gain weight.

Conclusion. If fasting works for you then go for it but always still remember to track your food intake so that you’re not eating larger meals than you typically would.

Remember, it isn’t an exact science, so don’t think that you’re doing something groundbreaking (sorry to burst your bubble). You’re literally just not eating in the hope that it becomes easier to stay under your calories.

Hope that helps.