Fitness in the summer – The key to keeping your fitness at peak level through the heat.

If you’re in the UK like me, you’ll know that its heatwave time again!

This means sweaty, exhausting days and uncomfortable nights.

England is ill equipped for temperatures above 25 degrees.

So how do you cope with this, let alone workout and keep fit in the summer months?

Here are a few top tips to keep your fitness going and stay cool and healthy.

  1. Workout in the shade or a gym with AC to ensure you’re not dehydrating and overheating more than usual.

2. Hydrate! This is crucial anyway but even more important when the heat hits. Aim to drink 2-4 litres of water per day for optimum hydration.

3) Rest and recovery – 8-9 hours sleep for maximum recovery time. If this isn’t doable, take an hour nap in the day.

4) Lastly, my favourite trick… cold showers. Ice cold showers can not only cool you down but also aid the recovery of the muscles. Give it a try for your next shower, you’ll feel great after!

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Enjoy the sun!

Ben x