Get Cut After Cancer 5th entry – (The operation)

It’s operation day. I’ve never been so nervous in my life! Mainly scared about going under general anesthetic as I worry I’ll feel everything but won’t be able to move or shout (I know that’s not possible). I need to be at the hospital first thing 7.30am and must not of eaten since 12 last night – not too hard.

Now its 7.30, I’m in and starving!! I’ve just been told The hospital have messed it up and that i’m actually down for the afternoon surgery…#Brilliant. I’m still not allowed to eat, so back home and back to sleep I go.

Back at the hospital again #StarvingMarvin. Just an hour wait though, and I’m all changed into my sexy backward dressing gown that shows my arse as I walk – after the wait I’ve had this doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

So I go down to theater, I lay on the bed and they link me to all sorts of devices. I can hear my heart rate bleeping and as I do, I feel and hear it go up higher and quicker – Not a nice sound to hear just before someones going to knock you out and cut you open! I digress. So on my left is a dude with a needle in my arm, and right is the surgeon trying to distract me with questions like ‘ Oh so did you see that thing on the news?’…Buddy…know your audience! Does it look like I watch the news?! So with one eye on the needle and one eye on the surgeon trying to humor me……………………………………….I’m out!

I wake up with the worst cotton mouth in the world! ‘Water, water, WATER’ With a tongue as dry as mine it did not sound like ‘water’ – I got some pretty funny looks. Then I start shivering and juddering like crazy, am i having a fit? They rush over with a mask and tell me to breath hard. I think to myself, I want to get out of here I don’t want to be battered off gas. Then I realise its oxygen…lol

Recovery was quick, up and out In an hour which I was supprised at. All they wanted was for me to pass urine before I left. So I tried to get up but had this thing stuck to my arse. I pulled it out with a confused look as i realised i was wearing an adult nappy – wow, low point.

Home and in little pain – Dirty Dominoes pizza and bed

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