Get Cut After Cancer – entry 10 (day 1 of chemo)

So walked into the marsden, and had to wait about an hour for my chemo. In the meantime the doc came in and told me the amazing news that the results from the pet scan were good – The cells hadn’t spread to another area such a lungs. The lymph does are slightly enlarged but nothing to worry about.

I was then called for my chemo, i was like hooooooo ma god! First I need hydration drip so the nurse puts a cannula in my forearm. Everything I have will be through this tube attached to a machine with the bag of chemo and a timer. The hydration fluid goes on for 4 hours and makes you wee like crazy – every hour I’d say. My urine must all be collected in one of those funny shaped tubes to ensure what’s going in is also coming out.

4 hours by with the plasma tv above my bead