Get Cut After Cancer entry 10 (first cycle of chemo)

First I receive the brilliant news that the results from the pet scan show no sign of spread anywhere else. Over the moon. Just needed to wait for all my chemo and fluids to be made up specially. In the meantime lets kick some ass at pool and listen to disclosure on the duke box.

About 12 I was ready for my first drip, 4 hours of just hydration fluids. No side effects just made me wee every hour. All my urine needs to be checked so I have to do it in a big container. I’ve been try time to fill one up and start another as a sense of achievement….nearly got it.

So the woman puts a cannula in my arm, attaches it to a free standing machine and tells me this is my new friend for 3 days. It bleeps, clicks and drips away. If I go to the toilet I take it with me, if I’m asleep it’s with me. I can only take it off briefly for 5 mins to have a shower….which I’ve chosen not to and I stink 🙂

First day I’m in the girls ward. I get talking to one other girl who had leukemia about 8 years ago and now it’s back again. She seemed happy enough as she was a Christian who prayed but when I asked her what chemo was like she gave me a sad look and said its pretty rough.

Anyway, 4 hours later I begin the chemo. First up is two consecutive bags of Etopsyde which don’t have many side effects. I’ve been given anti sickness with this. I’m chilling with my flat screen, having people, visit, shooting some more pool. It was a good day.

Before I went to bed I was given the bad boy which is Cisplatin. Now this is the sucky one. I’m given heavy anti sickness but am still worried. The anticipation of throwing up keeps me awake all night, plus the steroid injection the give me to thin my blood to stop it clotting. However, I didn’t even feel sick.

Fried breakfast in the morning…beautiful. Nailed the whole thing. Food here is great and lots of it. So today I move to the boys ward. 3 others in the with but we have curtains to decide us. Visitors back and forth, still no side effects.

Lat night I opted to have a sleeping pill for when the cisplatin comes at 11. Worked a treat, out like a light. Slept through the nurses changing my drip bags.

Woke up early this morning to one othe guys violently throwing up for a good 3 hours. This scared me so I put disclosure on again to drown it out. I hope I don’t get like that. I can deal with tiredness but sickness is horrible.

Now I’m writing this its 10.30 am and I’m waiting for my fry up from johnny. Can’t wait. Off home tonight but could stay here for every with all this care and attention

So far so good. it will be a downward struggle but for the better

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Peace x