Get Cut After Cancer – Entry 11 (So far so good)

Hi guys!

Last time i blogged was near the end of my first 3 days of chemo. I was ‘released’ at 11pm Wednesday night. I had the choice to stay but couldn’t bare listening to this other guy throw his guts up all night again. I opted for home sweet home. Leaving was the most surreal feeling as I had no professionals around me if anything did happen. The fear was back again!

That night I slept like a baby…and most of the day. Much needed! Thursday and Friday are a bit of a scary blur but still no sickness or other symptoms. The only way i can describe it is the fear of the unknown. I know something should start to happen and its waiting for signs that keep my stomach unsettled and sometimes get a bit woozy. Similar to having too many jaeger bombs I guess.

It’s Saturday and I’ve come to grips with the fact that nothing drastic is going to happen. Now i’m scared that I feel so fine that the chemo inst working. Am I just the Don at chemotherapy or immune to it??!! I guess time will tell. I’m glad that the side effects are not instant because that bides me more time. The more delay on the onset, the more I’ve eaten into the 8/9 weeks of treatment without feeling like a zombie.

Appetite I was told would be suppressed… well let me tell you what I’ve eaten today. Big bowl of porridge with jam. Massive tub of pasta and olives, whole tin of tuna over 4 slices of bread in sandwiches, 4 slices of dominoes pizza about 8/9 different pills and mums just called up that roast chicken dinner is ready…and i’m still maarrrrvvvin!

Most annoying this is that I spent 50 bucks on a Biltong box to cure my own beef jerky and i’m not even allowed raw meat 🙁

Mario carts has been keeping me very entertained, but getting a bit bored of being in so I think I may call a couple of clients to see if they fancy a training session tomorrow.

Lastly, thinking of changing the name instead of Get Cut after cancer? Any thoughts? Was thinking Get Trim After Treatment. For the book this is. Rambling now!

Top up Monday, then blood count is at its lowest!

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Peace – C