Get Cut After Cancer entry 12 (insomnia)

It’s now 10 days into my chemotherapy and still I feel nothing. If anything I feel better than before this whole process as I’m finding so many goals and dreams I want to achieve after all is over with. It’s keeping me really positive and driven.

Movements on the book are developing fast – today I met with a photographer who loved my idea and agreed to work with me through the whole process. I’m meeting him tomorrow for our first shoot. I’ll be doing a biweekly photoshoot to show the decay in muscle a
nd onset of enevitible fat over the weeks/months to come.

I’ve been going mad and buying domain names everywhere – I’m now the proud owner of & & and can’t get enough!

Other than dreaming about the book doing really well, my other goals are now becoming more clear – ‘Studio X’- A studio that specialises in extreme forms of training styles. I’m not saying anymore because its too good you’ll want to nick it! And just general places to visit and crazy bucket list type things keep popping into mind…base jumping whaaaat??? Maybe

Couple of slight side effects – 1 major insomnia. The doctors are confused because I’m no longer taking the steroids. I reckon it’s my mind keeping me because I’ve got such bloody good ideas!! I was up till 6 am this morning and woke up 3 hours later. I’m writing this now at 12.30 and don’t think I’ll be sleeping anytime soon – I’m constantly buzzing but I’m defiantly not complaining. Shits gonna hit the fan sometime soon. 2. A bad rash pretty much all over is all else I can complain about, not itchy or irritating, just looks Ming. The photographer says we can just air brush it…nice!