Get cut after cancer entry 16 good week!

Hey guys, last time I blogged I was in a Since then its been over a week and I’m feeling much more positive and back to my old self.

I’m currently in my hospital bed waiting to get off this drip for the final time. If all is In order, this is the last time I’ll be sleeping in a hospital. This last cycle has been ok, just very boring, almost done though, few hours and I’m free.

Great news about the tumour markers – they are down to 2 and below 2. Doc says people without cancer would still show up n a tumour marker test and that below 5 is what they’re aiming for, so I’ve done it.

Had a great couple of weekends. Last weekend I went to a day festival and ended up making it a 48 hour session – well worth it but very hung over for Mondays chemo lol. Weekend before by gf came back for a couple of days which was amazing, we chilled out, cooked nice food and planned our future trips together ( Weymouth, France, Ibiza, Croatia ect) can’t wait!!!

So waiting to do the scan on the 9th and then get the results a week later, please have fingers and toes crossed for me

Love you all and thanks for the support

Ben x