Get cut after cancer (entry 18) More bad news

Its been a few weeks again since my last blog but i’ve finally got 5 minutes to myself to tell you whats been going on. It turns out I’ve got to have the dreaded operation after all. The operation is to remove the lymph nodes at the back of my tummy and requires an incision from my sternum down past my belly button! I was pretty damn shocked when i heard that part. They suspect the lymph to be Teratoma which is a form of cancer but wont affect you for 10-20 years so just needs to be removed now. I’ll be in hospital up to ten days, hopefully i’ll recover quick and be out in a couple but its going to be pretty gnarly so a lot of rest will be required. There is still the worry that once the lymph has been removed that they will find a different cancer within it and then more chemo will need to be done. Seems endless and so frustrating because the docs just cant say for sure until they do the operation. Nothing is certain which does my bloody head in!!!

The docs have given me a few weeks off from it all so no rush. Taking a nice little holiday to the coast for a few days next week then i guess the operation will be done after that.

Few raves recently which have been awesome! South West 4 was off the hook! and then the next day Notting hill carnival was crazy but now i have got a lovely cold/flu which i’m trying to work through. Leaving off the booze and dancing for a little while now.

Still not training for me – not much point in starting now if i’m going to be cut open and have my intestines next to me on a table #can’twait. I’ll begin my filthy ‘Chemo fitness’ routine once i’m completely in the clear.

Cancer is literally the bane of my life right now, however I am grateful for how my body has dealt with it (pretty bloody well) it hasn’t really stopped me from doing anything i love…apart from exercise

Guys make sure you check your balls on the regular (they’re saying monthly now but i check my single one once a day)

Keep following – i’m afraid the last post wasn’t my last post as i’d of hoped

Peace! Coleman x