Get Cut After Cancer (Entry 19) The operation

Again its been another 4-5 weeks since my last post – almost gave up on it all for a moment and lost all interest. People have been on at me to blog though so I owe it to them (even though my spelling, punctuation and grammar is appalling).

So its about 3 weeks post operation now and what a ride it was. I did not expect that amount of pain and discomfort. Let me try and remember what the hell happened in those 5 horrendous days/nights…

Luckily I was first operation of the day so nice early start at 6am, I was too tired to really care that I was about to be butchered but I soon woke up when they told me I was going to have a catheter installed (for those of you that don’t know what one is – a catheter is a tube about the thickness of a straw inserted into your penis or vagina all the way into your bladder #NOTNICE)


After telling me all the risks again I was told to get dressed into a dressing gown and stockings. As i hugged my girlfriend, mum and dad I could feel each one (as well as me) tear up. I actually thought for a second ‘Shit, imagine I don’t wake up or something goes wrong and i’m left a vegetable’. This fear grew stronger as a woman took me down dingy corridors, into lifts and finally to the surgeons room which was icy cold. I was given a warm blanket and asked if i had any questions. The only thing i asked was what happens if i wake up, or does it just not happen? The response I assumed i would get would of been ‘haha of course not’ but that wasn’t the case. Apparently it does happen and people have woken up, granted they don’t feel anything but…excuse my French…Fuck that!


Anyway they gave me something they said would relax me and i started to float. It was pure euphoria for a minute…………………..K.O


I wake up in a blurred state but feel no pain. I have a female and a male nurse looking after me who were awesome. We chatted for about 4 hours until I was allowed visitors. The doctors came in and said it was a success and asked if i wanted to see my scar. They said it as if i’d just had a baby ‘Would you like to see it? ;). It was a big one but very neat. I asked if I was paralyzed as i couldn’t feel any pain. They told me i had an epidural in my spine which is what woman can have for pain relief during birth.  It actually paralyses you between specific areas of the spine depending on where they put it. So from the start of my scar to the end i felt no pain….until the epidural wore off.


Skip 3 whole days and nights because i cant remember much at all. the epidural had stopped working so I was in serious pain so they gave me opium…Boom! I’m floating again. As I said I can’t remember much but I highly recommend it! 5 stars. I began to hallucinate i’d had so much.


I started coming round after the 3rd day and parents and friends were filling me in on how funny i’d been to the nurses. Apparently i broke wind in front of one of the nurses. Hmmm doesn’t sound like me!

The catheter was uncomfortable and kept getting tugged on whenever i’d move but i got used to it. Day 4 and I was walking up stairs with ease and day 5 I was released. Since then I have sat on the sofa for a week and now this week I am up, walking and working.


I await my results in two weeks. It best be clear!


In other news I have been asked to appear on MTV!!! ‘SAY WHAAAAAAAT???’ I got approached via my site from the producer of a hit tv show show called ‘Plain Jane’ in its 3rd series. They want me to come down and be interviewed by the ‘Jane’ and show her some simple exercises for her own fitness class. That’s Monday coming and I’m pretty excited but wish I had the body I used to….at least the hair is back now 🙂


Ive just taken on a new client who came across my site after having cancer herself a year ago and was treated at the same hospital as me. She’s 21 and was looking to get fit after cancer and mine was the first site she saw. It just so happens we are in the same area so i’m seeing her tonight. We have a lot to talk about.


Still not moved into flat all thanks to the solicitors. Cheers then guys!!

Starting the book this weekend.

That’s about it I think.


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Ben x