Get cut after cancer (entry 20 – Final entry!) The end. The move. Sunbury on Thames – what a journey.

Hi guys,


This will be my final entry for a while. Its been a couple of months since my last post but I thought i’d better book-end this nightmare as it is now officially over! I received the best news after my operation which I did not expect. That was that I need no more chemo and no more operations for the time being. This said, I will need a scan and bloods taken every 3 months to check up.


Soooo much has happened in the last 2 months I can’t even remember it all to type. My hair is back in full swing, I’ve actually had two hair cuts since which is great. I’ve been training at the gym 5 days a week ad have put back on 6lbs already just 6 more lbs to go to get back where I was.

I’ve now moved into my flat in Sunbury on Thames so I now also work out of this area for personal training. It all turned out to be perfect timing as I got the all clear then completed on our flat two days later, Boom shakalaka! We worked flat out for 3-4 weeks painting and decorating and now it looks epic!


Everything is so much better now, mentally and physically. I wake up and instead of going to sit on the sofa because I cant move, I go to work like I used to, I train hard like I used to and I eat like a champ like I used to! I see everything so differently now, for example I had a dream about skiing the other night. I woke up and thought ahh I really really want to go skiing. I then called my girlfriend and within 2 hours i had a holiday booked. I would of never done that before i had cancer.


Big thanks to the Marsden and Emily Ash trust for their generous events – i’ve been to see the see the Arctic Monkeys, A limo ride to London, a £500 shopping spree in topman with personal shoppers, all thanks to them.


Again, the book has taken a back burner. I will eventually do it, i just need to work on my fitness first.


Just want to say a few thanks to people for their support over this whole ordeal,without whom none of this would of been possible. Sorry if i miss anyone, don’t take it personally. Mum, Dad, Steve, Amy & her family, Alfie, Liz & Family. All my mates, Mark, Lewis, Sam, Steve, Jenny Amy, Rach (in Australia!!! You were always there and even saw me on skype at the lowest point of my life so far). All my loyal clients who have stuck by me, helped and supported. Thanks to all the facebook and twitter support. Through social media I have been able to connect with UK, the states and Australia, with strangers that have/have had identical cancer as me. I’ve taken advice, kind words and even given back my advice and experiences which I continue to do with similar people through the same hell I’ve endured.


I’ve lost a ball, lost my hair temporarily, had poison pumped through me and been cut open twice all at the age of 23! But, Without the experience I wouldn’t have realised what really matters in life….which is being the undefeated champ in my flat at ping pong 😉


Let’s draw a line under cancer





Peace x