Get Cut After Cancer – Entry 8 (Sperm banking)

I’ve been told I need to do some sperm banking encase the chemo makes me infertile. I’m given 3 pots and told to give it 48 hours between each specimen. You need to get the specimen to the bank within an hour…so there’s me 55 minutes down, parked in a disabled spot, running around trying to find this woman to give it to. I find a room and knock. A guy answers and I hold up this pot in a rush and say ‘Do i give this to you?’. He starts cracking up and just doesn’t seem to know…..cheers then mate!

Find the woman, get it in on time – all good. The rest were a breeze.

Later that day I get a call from a woman from the Royal Marsden hospital for under 24 year olds. She tells me the benefits of going with them (Flat screen TV, pool table, internet) its a deal breaker but I’ve got to wait another week. She assures me that the cancer hasn’t spread and won’t get any worse if we leave it for a week, so I accept and i’m booked in for a visit this Friday and start streatment Monday 10th June.

I’ve calmed down a lot now and have sort of come to terms with it. I’m looking forard to the future and have set lots of goals and crazy stuff I want to do… Visit Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. Surf, sky dive and scuba dive etc.

The Blog is keeping me going and the book at the end will really help young people and others with similar situations stay strong for the future. It will also help raise money for cancer research and care.

The Blog is now up to date. Friday i visit the Marsden and will blog after that.

Still to come
– Head shaving
– pictures
– My first 3 consecutive days ‘Dripping’

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