Get Cut After Cancer – Entry 9 (The Marsden)

The Royal Marsden hospital – Under 24’s ward is awesome. Flat Screen TV’s that electronically come down from the ceiling of each bed, a Spare bed next to each patient for visitors to sleep over, your own chef, pool table, Xbox, play station and 4 60 inch flat screens in the chill zone with thousands of DVD’s to watch. Looks like something off of teen cribs!

Other tests –

I had to do a ling function, a hearing and a kidney test – results were all fine.

I also did a PET and a CT scan – This is where they inject me with radioactive die and glucose and stick me through the tunnel like machine for 25 mins. I was told to keep dead still with my arms above my head. After 3 mins my arms went numb. When we were finished the doctor told me I could bring my arms down…but I physically couldn’t! The result of this will determine if the cancer cells have spread and congregated in another area – another operation may have to be done if this is the case. At the moment I’m thinking the worst as all i have received up until now is bad news (apart from my own chef and 60 inch screen). I will find out the result tomorrow (Monday) that’s when my first session of chemo is.

chemo regimen

On the first day of your treatment (day one) you’ll be given infusions of etoposide and cisplatin. The next day (day two) you’ll have infusions of all three drugs, although the bleomycin is sometimes given as an intramuscular injection. On the third day (day three) you’ll have just the etoposide.

If you are being treated as a day patient you can usually go home after each day’s chemotherapy. If you have been an inpatient, you can usually go home after the chemotherapy on the third day.

Six days later (day nine) you’ll come back to have bleomycin. After this you will have no treatment for a week. You’ll have bleomycin again on day 16. You’ll then have a rest period with no chemotherapy for a week.

This completes what is called a cycle of your treatment. Each cycle lasts for three weeks. Usually 2–4 cycles of BEP are given over a period of 2–3 months. This makes up a course of treatment.

I’m having 3 cycles of Bep over 9 weeks of treatment.

I’m off to have a BBQ with family and friends and shave my head! Look out for pictures on twitter, facebook and instagram

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Thank you goodnight much love