Green is Great!

In relation to nutrition, the colour green is great. From curly kale to green tea, all natural, green produce can benefit our diets in several ways.

Green tea

Probably the one that boasts the most dietary benefits. Green tea is excellent for keeping lean. It speeds up our metabolism (our body’s ability to utilise/burn off calories) without increasing our heart rate, like caffeine and sugars do. Not only is it useful for aiding weight loss, green tea also possesses natural chemicals which have been known to prevent some forms of cancer.

You can buy green tea in various different flavours. If you want a sweeter taste go for green tea with ginseng, which is thought to improve strength and endurance as well as offering many health benefits.

That said, it’s not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’. If you struggle to enjoy a large mug of the green stuff (unlike me) you can also buy it in tablet form, which has the same benefits, but can be a bit pricey.

Curly Kale

The beneficial effects of cruciferous vegetables, like kales, over cancer have been strongly suggested for a long time. Kale is thought to be effective in reducing the risk of lung, breast, bladder, colon and ovarian cancer. Easily added to one diet within a stir fry salad or sandwich.

Soya beans

‘The king of beans’ containing plant proteins. It can enhance immune function, strengthen human tissues and organs, increase energy levels, slow down skin aging, reduce blood fat and overall is a tasty, cheeky little bean!

Go Green
Ben Coleman B.A. (Hon)