How to get in shape for Christmas.

Most people put on a few Lbs of weight over the Christmas period, but I’m going to show you how to get in shape instead!

Don’t be the person who gives in to the inevitable Christmas belly fat.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Are you sick of trying to lose body fat all year round, to then just put it all back on again in 1 month over December?

Of course you are…

Who wouldn’t be cheesed off with the vicious cycle of yoyo weight gain and weight loss?

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Prefer to work out on your own?

No problem.

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Want a real challenge?

People are losing crazy amounts of weight during the lead up to the festive season by signing up for my 90 Day Challenge.

  • 65 video-based bodyweight workouts (no equipment needed)
  • 5 easy to follow workouts per week for 13 weeks
  • 1 Year access to the Ben Coleman Fitness app
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  • Food tracking
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Don’t keep wishing for weight loss. Instead, message me and have everything you ever wanted from Santa!

Speak soon,

Lot’s of love

Ben Coleman Fitness