How to lose belly fat

Do you want to lose belly fat?

I know…

You’re not the only one.

This is the most common questions That I get asked on a daily basis.

To lose belly fat, we must first remember that we cannot spot reduce fat.

This simply means that we can’t just choose any area on our body and only lose fat from there and nowhere else.

I know… annoying right?

However, we can lose belly fat and reduce our overall body fat percentage, which in my eyes is win win!

To reduce our body fat percentage we need to address 2 things…

  1. Our eating habits (calories)
  2. Our N.E.A.T (Non exercise activity thermogenesis)

Let me break this down…

To reduce our fat percentage we must be in caloric deficit. We can do this by eating fewer calories and moving more in our day.

N.E.A.T basically means any activity that is not sleeping, eating or sport/fitness related. So some prime examples of this is walking, gardening, household work etc.

If you start to incorporate these things into your life, you should start to not only lose belly fat, but reduce fat all over your body.

Not to mention, you’ll improve your mental health tenfold, reduce risk of injury and diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

You’ll be a new person and feel fantastic!

So why not give it a go today?

What have you got to lose?… other than belly fat 😉

If you want to calculate the correct calories for you, then click here and use the calorie calculator.

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Until next time.


Ben (Coleman Fitness)