How to lose belly fat.

Forget everything you’ve heard about silly diets like Keto, Atkins, Slimming World, Weight Watchers etc, they are not sustainable diets and only care about taking your money rather than giving you the knowledge to control your weight forever.

These diets just mask the reason why you’re losing weight (calorie deficit) instead of teaching you the fundamentals of weight loss. How many times have you heard someone lose weight from one of these diets, then stop that diet and put the weight back on?? Exactly! Then what do they do? Go back to that same diet because “It really did work for me”. NO! Cutting out any food group will likely work for anyone because your calories have dramatically reduced, placing you in a calorie deficit (the key to weight loss) and a bloody unhealthy one at that.

We need all food groups in our diet to function correctly, effectively and healthily.

I get this question on a daily basis. “Ben, please help me. How do I reduce my belly fat?” The answer is by burning more calories than you’re consuming (calorie deficit).

We can’t target a specific area on the body and only lose weight from there. It doesn’t work like that unfortunately.

What we can do is workout how many calories we need each day to ensure we lose weight or fat all over the body. This is based on the persons weight, height, age and activity level. Once we know this number, we can track our food using the MyFitnessPal app.

Losing weight is a very simple science. Energy in Vs. energy out. It actually doesn’t matter what we eat, as long as we’re in a calorie deficit, we will lose weight. Pair this with a good training programme like my 90 Day Challenge and you’ll see the results even quicker.

I’m not saying go and eat a ton of burgers and chocolate all day every day, as that’s not healthy or nutrient dense. However, If you do eat those things and stay within your calories, you will still lose weight. Great right?!

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Have a great week.

Ben x