Indulging this Christmas

Feeling guilty about over indulging this Christmas?

Are you one of these super strict people who work their butts off in the gym and don’t deviate from their diet at all?

If this sounds like you…

I know that you’re going to be feeling anxious and guilty about all the high calorie foods that are almost inevitable over the festive season…

But fear not and listen up!

Indulging this Christmas doesn’t have to be a sin.

You deserve a break.

Your body is craving it.

In fact, from time to time, it’s actually advantageous for recovery, to take a week or two off from training and calorie-restrictive diets.

A week or so off-track, may make some of your blood pressures rise!

For a lot of you, it will be music to your ears 😉

Either way, you should find that you come back to training and nutrition well rested, fully recovered and actually stronger and more eager to smash it than before!


In summary…

See indulging this Christmas as a good thing.

Stop feeling guilty for giving your body what it wants.

Enjoy the time off and eat well.

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See you in the gym in 2023