January blues

Do you have the dreaded January blues?

Don’t worry…

You’re not the only one.

Many of us suffer the January blues…

But why is that?

The main reasons are that:

  1. Christmas is over, therefore we feel there’s nothing to look forward to.
  2. No one has any money left due to the Christmas period.
  3. We now have to honour our new years resolutions… this maybe depressing especially for those who haven’t started on their 2023 goals yet.
  4. If you’re in the UK… it’s cold, wet and miserable this time of year (I write this as I stare out of the window to what looks like a monsoon)

How do we overcome these inevitable January blues?

Exercise! Of course!

You guessed it!

Moving our bodies has been proven to relieve the symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety.

We don’t necessarily need to start a high intensity gruelling fitness regime…

A simple walk will suffice.


If you’re still down in the dumps and already are an avid fitness enthusiast…

Then why not take your strength, fitness and nutrition to the next level and hire me?

For more info on what I offer as a Surrey Personal Trainer, check out my credentials here.

Make 2023 your year!

Ben Coleman Fitness.