Less isn’t always more. More is usually considered to be more…

Hi guys,

Here’s a quick tip for challenging your body and to incorporate more muscle groups into a single exercise.

When performing a plank try to add in a push up as well. This can be as simple as pushing up on one arm first then the other, or both arms together (more advanced). By adding this move in you will not only hit the abs but your triceps will also fire up too!

Squat and press! Why does a squat always have to just work the legs? Add a weight (kettlebell, bar dumbbell etc) and as you extend the knees, push the weight above your head. Boom! You’ve now got a full body compound exercise. Cheeky right?

Last one for you as I don’t want to give all my secrets away!

Static squat with front raise. Either perform the static squat against a wall or away from support depending on your ability. Using any kind of weight, raise your arms up straight out in front or you. Lift to shoulder height and resist back down slowly. There you have a isometric contraction combined with an isotonic too!

Try and come up with some funky ones yourself. Remember, the more muscle groups you involve, the more points you win 😉

Benji X