Hi guys,


This post includes tips on self motivation and how to overcome a lack of motivation with regards to training and diet.


1. Find a photo of someone you aspire to be like aesthetically and place it somewhere you will see it everyday. This will help you on those days when you want to skip exercise or cheat on your diet.


2. Monitor progress. First decide how you personally measure your progress, whether it be by weight, body measurements, body fat, clothe sizes etc. Personally I measure my progress using before and after pictures. These techniques will allow you to see how far you’ve come in your training. This will either motivate you to choose your next goal or show you where you need to work on most.


3. A simple tip yet effective one! Music has been proven to increase motivation levels. Find the music that works for you and gets you pumped and play it loud in your ears before and during your training session. Dance music works best and my personal preference is deep house….it makes me lift twice as much!


I hope these tips help with your motivation troubles.


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