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You will then gain access to Ben’s exclusive fitness app where he will design you workout programmes to complete in the gym or even at home. Your programmes will include videos of Ben carrying out the exercises that he’s designed based around your goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build lean muscle or have a specific injury, Ben’s online training programmes are bespoke and are the closest thing to personal training as you can get, at a fraction of the cost

TRAIN anywhere in the world with his app. Ben’s online training allows you to get that personal touch from any location around the globe

CHAT to Ben himself through the app’s instant message service. Video yourself while exercising to show Ben your progress, technique and form, to allow him to further better your workout

TRACK your progress with before and after pictures. Log your reps, weight, sets and add any notes you need along the way

Nutrition plays a huge part in fitness. That’s why Ben designs you specific food plans to accompany your workouts. Whether you’re vegetarian, gluten free or just a bit fussy, Ben’s got you covered. With the right macronutrients calculated for you by Ben, you can’t go wrong!

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“I followed Ben’s Instagram feed for about 6 months and integrated some of his Tabata workouts within my usual cardio workouts. He always makes his workouts look so effortless and elegant – it seems completely different when I attempt it, BUT attempt it I did. It gave me some motivation in January when it was cold and miserable at 6.30am. I really benefited from mixing it up a bit, so I bit the bullet and signed up to Ben’s online online training for a month.

That included a video call with the man himself, it was like meeting a celeb after following him for so long, and once I got over being star struck we got down to business. Ben asked about my goals from a fitness, injury, training and aesthetics perspective. He then went away and came back with daily circuit workouts for me to take to the gym. That first day was worrying, doing something new and people staring at me….. who on earth is looking at ME! I put my headphones in, ramped up the volume and off I went (I’m invisible once my headphones are in anyway). In two weeks I can see a difference and that’s given me even more motivation.

Ben was there with me every step of the way, on the first morning he even messaged me at 6.15am to wish me well with my 6.30am session. That first week we were in constant contact and I was able to ask for help with my diet and tweaking the workout for the following week, based on what did and didn’t work for me (I have lower back pain). I’ve stopped with all the hounding now but we are still in touch daily with him asking for feedback on the workout and how I am progressing.

I only have one more week of workouts left ☹. My plan is to check back in with him every few months as a boost to what I normally do and to get some additional feedback and support.

He’s a bit of a champ and has made a big difference to how I will train going forward.

Ps. One day I hope to actually meet him in the flesh….


It’s been 8 months since I have been online training under you, I thought that now will be a good time to send you a feedback and thank you note.

I reached out to you at the beginning of this year (2020). I was into running and yoga at that time and wanted to start strength training in a structured way with guidance. Since I had a not so great experience with a local gym, which almost resulted in an injury, I thought of contacting you. I had the opportunity of training with you in London once, back in July 2019 while I was travelling.

My upper body was so weak, when we started our program that with 2-3 workouts I started getting mild aches and sprains. But you were very mindful and put me on theraband workouts for active recovery. For the first time I realised that you can still continue working out through an injury. Thanks to you, I could soon move to dumbbell workouts. I think of these stages of growth, when my name is called out in yoga classes for doing advanced poses which require decent arm strength.

Then in May, I had a knee injury because of running. Thanks for coming to my aid again, by giving me only upper body workouts during that time as recommended by my ortho and then filming and adding my physio exercises to the program for complete recovery.

Later I had another minor shoulder sprain, because I fell down during a headstand attempt. During that time also, I continued my exercises, because they were modified for recovery and injury prevention.

These are the key points that I want to convey

1) I have been able to workout consistently only because of the customised plans that I was getting from you. Otherwise, I would have come to a complete halt during each injury, and wouldn’t get back on track soon.
2) Thanks for responding to any doubt or queries which I had in detail, with explanations that I could understand.
3) I have lost 3 kgs during the training. But more than the weight aspect, there has been a significant body transformation. I could move from a Nike L size to S size.
4) My endurance and strength have improved by volumes. Earlier I used to struggle to finish 20 min non-stop runs on treadmill, but now I can run non-stop for more than an hr and I finish strong.
5) Thanks for being very supportive about my activities other than strength training.
6) I also remember that you had volunteered to step in and check my daily calorie-intake when I expressed concern about weight gain during my leg injury.
7) My weekly mileage has increased from 30 kms to 40 kms, since we started our training. And wouldn’t have done that without the well- tailored program.
8) Thanks a lot for incorporating all my request like ladder drills and bosu ball workouts to make the workouts more interesting and improve my running skills.
9) Also love your approach of striking an excellent balance between being totally hands free and school teacher strict, which perfectly suits me.

Once again, thanks for all your guidance and help. Hoping to train under you and achieve all my big and small goals, which includes running a full marathon this year.


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