Personal training in Surrey

Hey guys,

I hope you’re all well. I wanted to shed some light on the TRX. This piece of equipment comes everywhere with me. I train all my clients around Surrey & London using it every single day.

Why is the TRX so good Ben?

I’m glad you asked.

The TRX suspension trainer is a versatile, portable, robust and affordable bit of kit. It can be set up in seconds to doors, brackets, tree’s, lampposts, goal posts, chin up bars and even trucks and cars.

A tiny, yet crucial bit of equipment that all personal trainers must have. I take mine on holiday so I can always get a workout wherever I am. Whether that be on the beach, gym or hotel room. These babies are unreal! Made from parachute strap material, so you know you’re safe and will never need to buy another one… unless you leave it on the palm tree.

Fun fact: I actually used the TRX for my dissertation back 11 years ago at university. This was when it first came out to the market. I knew it would be big and I was right. They’re now in most gyms across the world.

What does it do?

The two simple adjustable ropes with handles and foot loops can be used for building strength throughout all of the muscles in the body. The thing I like about the TRX most, is the fact that even when you’re working on say your triceps, your core is always being activated and fired up due to the instability. So which ever muscle you’re targeting on the body, the core is always working too.

TRX’s are also used for flexibility, cardio, plyometrics and rehabilitation.

Go get yours now, or tell your trainer to 😉