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Ben offers mobile personal & group training along with nutritional advice to clients in Surrey and international clients by appointment. Ben can either come to you with all equipment necessary, or you can come to him in the studio in Sunbury On Thames

A busy lifestyle can hold you back from making the most of your gym membership. Having a mobile personal trainer is becoming more popular with people’s hectic lifestyles. You can work in the comfort of your home, or any other place at a time that suits you. No space is too big or too small. No equipment is needed as I bring everything to you.

Nutrition plays a huge part in fitness. That’s why Ben designs you specific food plans to accompany your workouts. Whether you’re vegetarian, gluten free or just a bit fussy, Ben’s got you covered. With the right macronutrients calculated for you by Ben, you can’t go wrong!

“It’s all about making an impact on my clients lives”

Dear Ben , although we are hundred miles apart , Bangladesh and London you have not made me feel one minute that I was alone on this fitness journey , and especially when my motivation was slipping down at times how your amazing messages and follow ups always kept me on the track .

This has been an absolute first time pleasure and experience for me. Your app is super amazing too, easy to use and to the point. I can’t wait to come back after 9 months (after I give birth) to start again and achieve even better results under your supervision and support.


I’ve been training with Ben for a year now. My body is in the best shape it’s ever been! I’ve always trained with people in the past and they’re desperate to bulk you up, which is totally the opposite of what I wanted! Ben listened, and gave me a programme that catered to me. He’s also super professional and respectful. I’m always looking forward to our training sessions.

“I followed Ben’s Instagram feed for about 6 months and integrated some of his Tabata workouts within my usual cardio workouts. He always makes his workouts look so effortless and elegant – it seems completely different when I attempt it, BUT attempt it I did. It gave me some motivation in January when it was cold and miserable at 6.30am. I really benefited from mixing it up a bit, so I bit the bullet and signed up to Ben’s online online training for a month.

That included a video call with the man himself, it was like meeting a celeb after following him for so long, and once I got over being star struck we got down to business. Ben asked about my goals from a fitness, injury, training and aesthetics perspective. He then went away and came back with daily circuit workouts for me to take to the gym. That first day was worrying, doing something new and people staring at me….. who on earth is looking at ME! I put my headphones in, ramped up the volume and off I went (I’m invisible once my headphones are in anyway). In two weeks I can see a difference and that’s given me even more motivation.

Ben was there with me every step of the way, on the first morning he even messaged me at 6.15am to wish me well with my 6.30am session. That first week we were in constant contact and I was able to ask for help with my diet and tweaking the workout for the following week, based on what did and didn’t work for me (I have lower back pain). I’ve stopped with all the hounding now but we are still in touch daily with him asking for feedback on the workout and how I am progressing.

I only have one more week of workouts left ☹. My plan is to check back in with him every few months as a boost to what I normally do and to get some additional feedback and support.

He’s a bit of a champ and has made a big difference to how I will train going forward.

Ps. One day I hope to actually meet him in the flesh….


During this current lockdown I found Ben Coleman Fitness to pull me off the sofa and get me motivated with his 1 2 1 Zoom sessions. I’ve been training with Ben from the beginning of lockdown and I can’t get enough. The only thing I can’t wait for is for lockdown to end, so I get to meet and train with him in real life. Highly recommend Ben to anyone who needs to lose weight, improve their fitness or needs help with their diet. He bends over backwards to get you to your goals. 5* Stars



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