Maintaining a good posture is key, not only whilst exercising, but in everyday life. Poor posture can be due to many things from imbalances and tightness in certain muscles,  to laziness and different moods. This small section will tell you the importance of good posture and give tips on how to rectify specific postural defects.

Without going into too much detail there are three main postural defects:


Kyphosis  – A curvature of the upper back

Very common symptom. Found in individuals with sedentary jobs (at a computer for hours) and a common observation is round shoulders. A quick tip for this is to stretch the chest and strengthen the upper back (any form of rowing with resistance will suffice)


Lordosis – A curvature of the lower back

Again found in sedentary people who sit down a lot. To rectify, my advice  would be to stretch the hip flexors and strengthen the glutes.


Scoliosis – A sideways curve ‘S’ shape

If minor can be left alone. If severe, a specialist must be seen for treatment and potentially surgery


Poor posture can also be caused by laziness and bad mood. tips – Make a conscious effort to sit up straight, to walk proud with shoulders back and chest out without leaning forward. If you’re in a bad mood…don’t show it, keep it to yourself and act as if you are in a good mood; straighten up your posture and you may trick yourself into thinking you’re loving life! Lastly a tip for the car; sit up straight and adjust the mirror. Over time  you will get sick of not being able to see in a slouched position and will automatically improve your posture.


‘Chin up, it may never happen’


Ben Coleman B.A (Hon) Fitness and Personal Training