Quark meals

Here are some quick meals made with the low fat/carb, high protein cream sauce substitute ‘Quark!’.

1) Coleman curry – Curry powder, turmeric, smoked garlic and a touch of chilli spice. Mix with Quark and add to fried veg and or chicken to make a lush healthy curry!

2) Chicken satay – Simply add peanut butter (smooth or crunchy) to Quark and marinate chicken strips. Grill until cooked. Crush up some monkey nuts (unsalted) and add chilli flakes and peanut oil to dip chicken strips in!

3) Fish pie – Add garlic and chilli powder to Quark. Marinate assorted fish chunks in a baking dish with the sauce. Heat sweet potato and scoop out inside to lay over the top (lid of the pie). Bake on high for 30-45 mins and enjoy.

Try to come up with your own quirky Quark meals!