This section is based on the importance of rest & how it can benefit your training goals.


Rest comes in many different forms and times. We usually associate rest with either sleeping or relaxing in front of the TV, but the correct resting during a session can also play a large part in success when considering what you’re working towards.

For example the recommended time to rest when training for strength (1Rm) and power is between 3-5 minutes. This is to allow time for full recovery for optimum strength and power in the explosive movement to follow.

When training for endurance (a marathon for example) long periods of low intensity are recommended with short rests E.G 30 seconds or so. Even ‘active rest’ is known to be very advantageous for this specific goal. The simplest example of this would be interval training.


As you can see the two ends of the spectrum are very different so you need to determine your goal first then decide how much rest you should be taking.


More info to follow on other types of rest.