What are the mental health benefits of exercise?

Hey there,

I wanted to give you some advice and info on the key benefits of exercise on our mental health.

“An active body equals a healthy mind”

We shouldn’t get too fixated on what exercise can do for our appearance. We should instead look at the aesthetical changes as a byproduct and in fact exercise our bodies to expand our minds and improve our mental state.

In this day and age, what with mental health at an all time high, exercise should be and is being prescribed to treat depression and anxiety before anti depressants and anti anxiety medication.

Releasing endorphins through exercise has a huge positive impact on our mood, not just for the day we exercise, but regular and consistent exercise or training can lead to overcoming these types of diseases long term.

I know from personal experience what difference my energy levels, productivity and positivity are when my training is on point.

Don’t worry if you’re new to exercise, you don’t need to start training for a marathon or lift 100kg bench press. Simply upping your steps to aim for 10,000 per day will suffice to begin with. This sounds a lot but really it’s about 1 hour 40 mins of walking per day. Some of these will be done round the house. You can split the steps up throughout the day too.

Those of you who are personal trained by me or have enrolled on my fitness plans will know the feeling everyone else is missing out on. The buzz! The hype! The new person that you feel before and after training has a lot to be said for.

I hope this helped your day.


Ben x