Workout today, not “tomorrow”

Hey friends,

Hope you’re having a great day.

I just brewed myself a nice hot cup of personality…

So while that cools down, I wanted to share a bit of Monday motivation with you…

*deep breaths* Here goes…

These past 12 months have been pretty interesting, to say the least…

So many ups, downs, and in-betweens.

Everyone’s learned so many new things about themselves and others.

But I think the most important lesson for me was…

How time just keeps moving along.

I remember last March, I was pretty stressed about this whole situation.

I wasn’t sure what was in store for the future…

But as time went on.

I realised it’s still going, we’re all still getting older, working out, watching Netflix, doing the same things we’ve always done.

Apart from spending most days at home, the day-to-day is still pretty much the same for most people.

And the reason I’m saying this is because…

I know a lot of people are waiting it out before they begin their fitness journey…

“I’ll start working out, once the lockdown is lifted” is a pretty common one I hear.

My advice: Start today, like right now 🙂

Imagine coming out of lockdown with a transformed physique and feeling incredible.

Even if it’s not a lot, just start. Don’t wait for the perfect time. That time is now.

If you want to lose those stubborn pounds or gain a few kgs of new muscle. 

Just start off with a simple 10-15 minute workout. 

If you’re stuck for inspo, check out my Insta, I post almost daily workout videos.

They’re an excellent way to start moving and get into the habit of exercise.

And if you need any more tips just DM me or reply back to this email.

I’m always happy to help.

Anyway, I better go and drink my cuppa before it’s too cold.

Keep a lookout on your inbox for tomorrows email if you wanna learn my number 1 tip to creating lasting habits 🙂

Chat soon

Ben x